How to Create the Perfect Elevator Pitch

How to Create the Perfect Elevator Pitch
Congratulations, you have just scored a job interview! With more diverse career opportunities coming available, amazing prospects await.

That is, as long as you can coherently answer the dreaded job interview query, "So...tell me about yourself."

Before visions start forming in your head of you sitting in the interviewee seat with the classic 'deer in the headlights' look on your face, take a moment to consider what you can do to prepare. Here is a simple guide on how to create the perfect elevator pitch.

Keep It Brief

On average, a corporate job post in the United States receives 250 resumes. So you need to stand out above the competition. To that end, be engaging with a potential employer, but don't get too wordy.

Your focus is to quickly inform them as to why you are the perfect fit for the job in less than 30 seconds. So use short, succinct sentences that hone in on your awesome ability to give conscientious effort to every project, and less on your love of cats.

Outline What You Will Say

A great elevator pitch template comprises the basic outline: hook, explanation, and an attention-grabbing conclusion. 

With the hook, be engaging and express what you are particularly passionate about. Then explain what you do well and how that fits specifically with the position you are interviewing for. 

Your attention grabber should address an issue or problem that can be solved with your expertise and can be either stated or left as a rhetorical question. Wrap up your elevator pitch in a way that leaves them feeling like they need to have you on the team ASAP.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Aside from mentally outlining what you want to say, write an elevator pitch that will suit your specific interview. And then practice.

Stand in front of a mirror and rehearse out loud what you will say. Make any adjustments to wording that sounds awkward.

And cut out any sentences that are too wordy or leave the listener feeling bored. If you want to give a side yawn to what you're saying, you know your listeners will feel the same way. Make changes as needed and practice until you feel comfortable with it.

A Perfect Elevator Pitch Includes a Good Follow-Up

Expect to have follow-up questions once you have delivered your elevator pitch. Your 30 seconds of fame are supposed to leave them wanting more, and so extra questions afterward is always a good sign.

Try to mentally prepare for what they might ask. Do some research on the company. And have some good facts in mind to accompany your follow-up answers so you can dazzle them with your know-how. 

Knowing What to Say Is Key

There are a lot of different approaches out there, but with the right amount of work, you can make a sizable impression with the perfect elevator pitch. Follow a few of these basic steps and you will be landing that dream job or project in no time.

Want to learn more about how to be successful on your first day in the workforce? Or are you looking for more insight into your career? Read some of our other blog articles for the latest tips and techniques!

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