Tips for Your First Day of Work at a New Job

Tips for Your First Day of Work at a New Job
Ready for your first day of work? Feeling nervous? Don’t worry, you are not alone on this. Making a first impression is important, and here are 5 tips to ace your first day of work:
1. Show up early
Not only should you be on time for your first day, but you should be early. Show up 15 to 20 minutes early, this way you give yourself some time to settle in.

It is likely you will have a new commute your first day of work at a new job. With that said, make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get to work, and also plan to be early to work. The more you go to your new job, the more familiar you will be with traffic patterns, but do not risk winging it on your first day!

2. Be sure to go over the employee handbook or any information given to you by your employer 
It is important to read over any information your employer gives you. Especially if they tell you to read it! You want to start off on the right foot with your boss or employer, and being aware of expectations they may have of you will set yourself up for success. Also, after reading through it, if you have any questions you will be able to ask your boss as typically the first day will include training or orientation of some sort.

3. Bring Necessary Paperwork
If you are required to bring paperwork, make sure to bring it! Fill it out the day or evening before your first day at a minimum.  Taking your time to do it might be helpful, and if you give yourself a few days to get it done, it will allow you to ask questions prior to your first day. Once completed, putting the paperwork in your car or workbag the night before your first day can ensure you do not forget it.

4. Go with the flow, Ask Questions and Take Notes
Follow the lead of the coworker or boss who is showing you the way on the first day. No one wants a know it all, and having a meeker mindset on the first day will allow you to learn unfamiliar tasks easier. 
By going with the flow, it will put you in a listening mindset and give you opportunity to develop questions you may have. Make sure to ask them! You want to know what is expected of you, and you want to do a good job, so asking is a good thing. 
If needed, take notes. It is better to look something up in your notes than to do something incorrect. Taking notes can also help you learn something better by allowing you to put whatever you are taking notes on in your own words.
5. Introduce Yourself
Make sure to be kind, and do not be afraid to introduce yourself! Saying hello, will give other coworkers a chance to get to know you. Make sure to thank coworkers or bosses that help you on the first day! 

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